Eggs? Eggs.🥚🍳 (Part 1)

Hello Chickens!❤️

So, todays blog is all about eggs!(Yaaaaay)

Lets start with a small introduction!

Eggs are laid by chickens.

Chickens are yummy and yummy chickens lay yummy eggs!🤤

Now, the real question is, what comes first, a 🐓 or an 🥚 ?

In my opinion, a chicken came first as God produced a species of every animal first. Adam came into this world first, so, according to that, a chicken came first too.❤️

Now, now, the thing is that you might be good at your professions. Dancing?Writing? Being an artist? An engineer? A doctor, perhaps? But the thing is that there are a very few people who can actually make eggs! This might sound unbelievable, but it’s so damn true, lol!😂

Just believe in yourself and tell yourself: “I CAN MAKE EGGS, I CAN MAKE EGGS, I CAN MAKE…”

You can do it! My dear chickens, chicks and cocks!🐔🐥🐔

You’ve always been doing it. An egg can twirl and so can a dancer! So, a dancer can dance eggs! Amazed?😁

A writer can write eggs!


An egineer can think of creating eggs scientifically. You know, a chemical engineer!

A doctor can check the eggs anatomy! 👩‍⚕️ “Ooohh, so the egg has a yellow centre named yolk and a white layer around it known as the egg white.” Impressed?

So, all you need to do is believe and achieve! Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, God and I are with you. Always. I’m here to help you guys out.❤️

So, guys, please wait for the next part.❤️ I tried my best to motivate you all! I love you. I hope this was inspirational enough to bring your inner egginess out.

P.S: I’m so thankful to all of you for liking and commenting on my post, you guys have no idea how happy I get when I see those likes! Thank you so much.❤️


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