The world through a 15 years old’s eyes.

I feel like I’ve been trapped in a world I was not made for. I want to fly high and soar through the clouds like a bird, but I am not given the opportunity to do so. I want to make everyone happy and everything perfect, but that’s not how this world works. I want corruption and bad to perish and I want justice, love and truth to prevail over all. I see people throwing garbage on the roads and it makes me feel bad for the poor earth. I see so much bad happening, but I don’t have the power or authority to stop it. I see people not only doing bad to others, but also harming themselves. What can I do when everyone thinks of me as a young, 15 year old immature girl?


13 thoughts on “The world through a 15 years old’s eyes.

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling downhearted, Manahil. It’s a sad world. I love what you have written at the top of your site. Remember it is for you, too! You’re beautiful and you matter! Your voice counts, no matter how young you are. You are already making a difference here. 🙂 Little acts of kindness done with great love can be blessed by God to any hurting soul you meet. May Jesus hold you close to His heart of love and give you strength for each day!

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  2. Change begins with you, Sweetheart. If you see how bad this world is, find the good in it and find good in yourself. Be that good, live it, breathe it, embrace it. Live by example by showing others how to live in love and in peace, with goodness held tightly in your heart. If you truly wish to have a better world in which to live in, then you create a life to emanate those very things. Don’t wait for others to make the changes. Because it’s not going to happen…

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