True love.


Oh my God! My heart just melted.😭

Today my mom told me that my father used to bring her cards and a bouquet 💐 of flowers every time she gave birth. (Which is 7 times)

Isn’t this just so cute? My parents had an arranged marriage and my mom was married to my father at a really young age. My mom was only 16.(the marriage was solemnised by the consent of both, my father and my mother) My father is a businessman and we’re rich so, he fulfilled all my mom’s wishes.(Wow, this is actually like a fairy tale)

Not only that, my father has 2 wives.(My mom is the second wife)

My father not only kept both his wives satisfied, but also made them happy.

In addition, I also made these egg muffins in the picture above. They tasted really delicious. I’ll share the recipe soon.

Leave me some cute stories in the comments below.😊Hope you guys have a good weekend. God bless you.❤️


24 thoughts on “True love.

  1. Thank you for this fascinating and vibrant glimpse into your family’s history. In the West, our arrogance is surpassed only by our ignorance. Our culture is being taken over now by a new religion of dogma and shaming that could be called “Political Correctness.” For that reason, if I confess that I love the wisdom of your culture in every way, including your positive views of arranged marriage, love and even polygamy, I will be seen as evil and despicable to the core, a voice of the despised “patriarchy” that has victimized women throughout history. Nevertheless, I’m too open-minded to say anything less than I love your culture and respect everything you stand for, including your religion(s). Thank you for the eye-opening words you’re bringing to the attention of the West.

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    1. They do work out. I’ve seen many love marriages going wrong and the people having divorce, but arranged marriages are usually successful as they co-operate and try harder to understand each other and there is also more compromise in order to make the union successful.


  2. Wow,that just show you how different things work fir different person and we would never have the arrogance to think our way is the best one.
    That said,despite their arranged marriage you parents story is so sweet and touching.Your dad sounds like a very nice and fair man.

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