Towards Betterment!(towards a better and happy life in future)❤️❤️

Hi guys! I’m back.😊 Today I’m going to answer some questions that arise in our minds when it’s time to take some action to improve our situation, way of life or while taking a risk.

The steps in Batu Caves temple(in Malaysia) in 2016! The steps are much more clean and beautiful now!

Every single day is a new chance for us to be a better person.

Q1. What if you fail?

You can stand back up. No! You have to stand back up. Failure is not something which has to last long. You have your future in your hand. You have another chance. So get back up! Do your thing and slay! Yeah, I mean it. Get up and prove all those wrong who told you that you couldn’t do it! Prove all them right who believed in you! And just be what you want to be. Shine and sparkle and make everyone proud! 🌟

Q2. What if you did something bad to someone?

Some people go like, “I did something bad to my friend so, now I wouldn’t have good in my life too as I don’t deserve it.”

You can always ask for forgiveness, you can always repent and you can always pray. You can always make things right again. Believe me, you can!

Q3. What if you have no motivation?

I’ve even heard people say, “I have no motivation! I need motivation to make my life better.”☹️

Like, what? You even need motivation to make your life better? Like, isn’t the fact that you’re in ruins enough for you to work hard and make yourself reach at the stage where you can actually be happy?

Q4. What if you’re weak?

Does that even matter? Even a thing as light, small and delicate as a feather can fly then, why can’t we? Why can’t we fly towards our goals? We can, we absolutely can! But rather than flying, lets start by jumping. Step by step, achieve all our goals.

Q5. What if no one believes you?

So what? Do you need someone to believe in you in order for you to be successful? No, You don’t! You are enough to motivate yourself, to believe in yourself and to achieve your goal! Like they say, “Believe and achieve.”

Listen to me! I need your full attention!

Tomorrow, it’s the start of a new week. Tomorrow, it’s a new day, but you don’t have to wait till tomorrow to “make your life better” or to “achieve your goal”! Start now! This minute! This second. Here’s your chance, grab a pen, list out all the things you want to do in this week and make it possible.

I repeat, make it possible, no matter what!❤️❤️


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