A Horror Story! (Aaahh)

Hi guys!❤️

I’m back. So, today, you’ll listen to a true story. It’s a little spooky so, get ready!

Long long ago, my grandma(Nano) started going to a school. Pakistan was not very well developed at that time and the school washrooms were actually bad. Instead of a toilet, there used to be a pit on the roof of the school where you did your stuff in villages. Well, my Nano had to pee and she went to the roof to those very weird washrooms. She peed, phewww. But guess what? There was a ghost in the pit!(aaah)😰

The ghost got angry at my Nano and decided to take over her. After that day my Nano did not have a normal life till her marriage. The ghost started by taking revenge, but later on they started loving her, because one ghost attracted another and there was a party of ghost attached to my Nano. They called her their “queen”. 👑

My Nano used to have jolts and her body used to get freezed in weird angles, like, her hands turned backwards and so much more.😰

My Nano used to eat up stuff in large quantity and drank gallons of milk because that food wasn’t only feeding her, but also the Djinns! Nano had a lot of power, she could pick up a sack of wheat and throw it on the roof of her house with one hand. Her parents took her to the local doctors and later to the big hospitals where they said that she had no cure. The Djinns did not let my Nano study. They only went away at the day of her marriage. The Djinns were unwilling to go, but as they took my Nano’s command very seriously, they left.

My Nano’s Wedding Photo!❤️

My Nano had a fever of 101 C on her wedding day. After that, she bacame a very pious women. Did I ever mention that she was the most beautiful? These incidents affected Nano’s life a lot. They affected her life in a positive way, this made her God fearing and loving and so much more.

So, guyssss!😊 The thing is that I believe that Djinns exist, do you? The thing is that some might call it super natural or something, but they really exist. There are two types of Jinns, the good ones and the bad ones. If you’re lucky enough to encounter a good Djinn then it wouldn’t harm you, but if unfortunately you do encounter a bad Djinn then keep God in your mind and he will help you, Amen.

Tips to Keep the Djinns Away!

1)Do not be unmindful of God. (God will always protect you as he loves all his creations)

2)Don’t wear excessive perfume or make up! (Like, don’t over do it).

3)Don’t walk under trees after the sun has set. (There are Djinns hiding in the trees).

4)Just be careful and avoid creepy looking places!😁

Some of you might think that it’s all hocus-pocus, but I don’t think so. All the tips and advices written here are what I’ve heard.

Anyways, guys,❤️How was todays story? Did you like it? Do you believe in Ghosts or Djinns? Do share your experiences in the comments below!❤️I would love to know about them.


Hi There!❤️

Hello ladies and gentlemen!❤️

I’m new to this. I have always wished to start up a blog and here I am, all shakey and nervous, writing my first ever blog.I mean to keep it anonymous due to some of my personal reasons. Though, one day, I might give away all the information about me, if I ever get famous. Lol, that would never happen.

I started this blog such that I could help you people out. I want to make a change in this world and this is the first step I took. I’ll be sharing some of my personal experiences, I’ll be doing some good stuff. I’ll be good. You guys, if I ever do wrong, please do correct me. I hope to get along with all of you. Love you, take care of yourself. Have a good day.❤️