True love.


Oh my God! My heart just melted.😭

Today my mom told me that my father used to bring her cards and a bouquet 💐 of flowers every time she gave birth. (Which is 7 times)

Isn’t this just so cute? My parents had an arranged marriage and my mom was married to my father at a really young age. My mom was only 16.(the marriage was solemnised by the consent of both, my father and my mother) My father is a businessman and we’re rich so, he fulfilled all my mom’s wishes.(Wow, this is actually like a fairy tale)

Not only that, my father has 2 wives.(My mom is the second wife)

My father not only kept both his wives satisfied, but also made them happy.

In addition, I also made these egg muffins in the picture above. They tasted really delicious. I’ll share the recipe soon.

Leave me some cute stories in the comments below.😊Hope you guys have a good weekend. God bless you.❤️


The world through a 15 years old’s eyes.

I feel like I’ve been trapped in a world I was not made for. I want to fly high and soar through the clouds like a bird, but I am not given the opportunity to do so. I want to make everyone happy and everything perfect, but that’s not how this world works. I want corruption and bad to perish and I want justice, love and truth to prevail over all. I see people throwing garbage on the roads and it makes me feel bad for the poor earth. I see so much bad happening, but I don’t have the power or authority to stop it. I see people not only doing bad to others, but also harming themselves. What can I do when everyone thinks of me as a young, 15 year old immature girl?