About a week ago, I got into a conversation with this man, Scottie, and we discussed Islam. One objection he had against Islam was that Islam doesn’t ban slavery!

I was really confused over this matter. I could not believe that the Quran doesn’t stop slavery because it’s the last divine scripture after all and I have a very strong faith as a Muslim.❤️Alhamdulliah, but I still have very less knowledge on Islam so, I consulted my Islamiat teacher, Sir Hafiz. (Hafiz means the one who has committed the Quran to his mind and he had read the translation as well and revised it too), therefore, my teacher was the best person I could consult. I stayed after class and addressed him, “Sir, I wanted to ask you a question. We all know that slavery is bad and it’s banned in many countries, but it’s still there in many countries and why did Quran, being a complete code of life didn’t ban slavery?”, I said with an anxious expression.

I was shocked by his reply. He said, “Islam has banned slavery, Manahil.” After listening to what my teacher said, I went home and sent an 📧 email to scottiestoybox.com

Here are the screenshots of the email.

It’s just so sad that people have so many misconceptions about Islam. I wish that everyone could understand the good things in Islam, but they just don’t.

Anyways, this week has been very tiring. Ugh! There were so many tests to prepare and things to do. Hope you all have a good weekend. Lots of love.💕